Visiting Our Community

If you would like to come and see how we live first-hand, we are always happy for guests. However, due to space and time constraints, if you would like to stay overnight, we would appreciate if you would contact us at least a few weeks ahead of time. By contacting us you would get to speak to a real person which would give you a much better idea whether you actually want to come. Bear in mind we may be scheduled for a while ahead and any particular time you had in mind may or may not work out.

For visits shorter than one day, a shorter lead time would be appropriate. Just remember that we have things to do as well, and may not be able to set aside time for visitors on the spot. However, if you give sufficient notice, it enables us to plan and it is much appreciated.

We have a set of values which determine which businesses we endeavour. As one of these values is that anyone who would come by would be able to join us in our work, if you are visiting here for longer than a few days, please expect to helping out in one area or another. You may be able to help out in one of our businesses, and there is always plenty of property maintenance to do…

We do not allow people to bring pets with them when visiting our community.